The Liminal 8 at Venue 90

Another Liminal took place last Friday night.  Another Liminal at Venue 90, aka Karen Blake's home art studio.

Surrounded by Karen's emotive, sensual art, the candlelit venue played host to a crop of local talent, all Liminal returners.

Kevlin Henney kicked off proceedings with his dark wit and menacing delivery; it was his first of three appearances. Twisted fairy tales, stories of dying for art and of a manic church service were among his sharp flash fiction readings.

Chris Knight brought some very welcome poetry with him and a witty tale about Brixton the Bear, in a style that we are beginning to recognise as his - giving voice to those we would not usually expect to hear.  You will read the story one day, I am sure, but for those of us present at this Liminal, we will henceforth know the meaning of brown squash.  Comedy and timing is the name of the game with Chris.

Gareth L Powell entertained us with his out-of-control, gun wielding, cigar chewing Monkey!  Ack-Ack Macaque is Gareth's much-loved and increasingly well-known creation, who appears in a series of three books, the first of which is up for BFSA Best Novel of 2013.  We got to hear the first chapter of Macaque Attack, released in January 2015.  Then, a snippet of his work in progress - and we were the very first to experience it. Ever!  Gareth had us hooked.  We know what Victoria Valois and the Monkey do next; it's a special place to be.

In another, much appreciated preview, Joanne Hall read us Brass and Bone, the story of love gone bad, set in a Bristol that isn't always as familiar as we thought.  This gritty tale that includes the Clifton Suspension Bridge and domestic violence was told in two parts - Jo thought she might be able to keep us hanging on till the book was released the very next day (in the collection of stories Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion).  But, no, finish it, we pleaded!

With this calibre of writer on the menu, I wanted a piece of the action and finally made my Liminal debut, reading a flash about solitude and anguish up on Worle's End, followed by thoughts on fermented Cuban sugar cane and religion.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and intimate evening in a venue that we love!

You can find more from the authors and artists here:

Karen Blake
Kevlin Henney
Chris Knight
Gareth L Powell
Joanne Hall
Becky Condron

Thanks to all who came, see you in the summer

Becky x

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